Wooden Gragger


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Product Includes: Gragger

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  • Wooden Gragger/noisemaker is one of the most traditional Jewish symbols for the Purim holiday
  • Purim Gragger is made from sturdy wooden material and is Great Fun for Your Purim Celebration. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and rotates freely
  • Traditional Purim Gragger height is 6″


Child choice:
Little ones will especially love getting to hold their own gragger and whip up some rowdy noise on this celebratory day.

Easy Use and Quality:
Easy to turn revolver allows the noisemaker to make a swift turn. Gragger is made of high quality material and are tested, and non-toxic.

Fun and play:
This is a traditional gragger noisemaker, ideal for school masquerades and Purim parties. It is loud and it is very likely it will be a hit at every event where you want to be heard.

Why choosing this Gragger/noisemaker?
Dress up America focuses on the needs of the customer and safety measures. This Wooden Gragger is made with tested material for USA safety regulation.